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Last week, a fancy looking box with “Zonk” emblazoned across its cover showed up at the Daily Leaf offices.  Because we love our readers, we decided that we’d do the hard work of figuring out what exactly was inside.

At its heart, the Zonk game is an upmarket rework of the classic dice game Ten Thousand. Players take turns rolling a set of dice, racking up the points. On certain roles – or every time a player scores another 1,000 points – it’s time for her to take a hit off of the locally sourced glass pipe. Every Zonk set comes with a hand blown glass pipe created here in the Pacific Northwest. 

The gameplay is relatively simple: toss the die and count up the points until you decide to pass them on or go bust (or to get zonked in the parlance of the game). The first person to reach 10,000 points wins the game. Because players take a hit both when they get zonked and a hit every time they reach 1,000 points, you’re going to be smoking whether you’re winning or losing, ensuring everybody is crawling at a leisurely pace by the time the end is reached. Of course, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably cheating and passing around a doobie while you play. We don’t blame you.

Like most games in which intoxication goes along with the gameplay, it can be difficult to stay on track for this one. We played the game with one government employee and one conspiracy theorist. By the time we were a few thousand points – and many, many hits – into the game, it was difficult to get them to turn their attention from arguing to casting the dice. But with games like this, losing track of things is half the fun. Zonk is an excellent holiday pick for your game loving smoker friends.

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