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Zkittlez Strain Review


I had the pleasure of sharing a consumption tent with the good fellows over at Pistil Point Farms during the Summer Fair. When we were setting up they started to tell us about the strains they brought for sampling… Some of the strains were crazy, Orange Girl Scout Cookies, Zkittlez, Original Girl Scout Cookies, etc…. I immediately started asking questions… Is this the same Zkittlez from the bay area that sells out every time a dispensary receives inventory? It cant be, right? Well I asked for some, usually I don’t ask growers for samples but something in my mind told me that I had to try this strain. We had a long day at the Summer Fair, we planned to see over 1,500 people that day. I wanted to smoke something before the show to lighten the mood because I was dead tired. Pistil  Point was more than gracious to take care of me and made sure that I had all I could smoke throughout the day. They had large slabs of concentrates and pounds of Zkittlez for me to sample. My day was the best, I had tons of fun and fell in love with the strain and the happy feeling it gave me to get through a 7 hour day with no breaks.

I visited the Pistil Point Farms this week. I promised them I wouldn’t give up details about the farm, but to say I was impressed would be an understatement. I did happen to get my hand on some pictures of their next harvest. You can really see the quality of this new batch from these pictures (see below). This is  a very rare strain, but I am going to give you a list of some of the dispensaries that carry it.

Click For Driving Directions

Stumptown Cannabis

Treehouse Collective

Cannabliss SE 7th Ave

Oregrown (Bend)

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