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To ring in the new year, Oregon may be making a few tweaks in their original New Year’s resolutions by forcing the World Famous Cannabis Cafe in Portland to close its doors to the public. The World Famous Cannabis Cafe is known for having live music, workshops, a comedy hour, and even “stoner” bingo. State lawmakers have decided to take the state’s indoor air regulations including marijuana to the next step.

Lawmakers defined what is meant by the word “inhalant.”within House Bill 2546. By law an Inhalant means:  “Nicotine, a cannabinoid or any other substance that’s inhaled into a person’s respiratory system.”

This indicates that within this new law, marijuana lounges (only a few currently in existence) are no longer allowed in the state of Oregon. In other words, any business that is open to the public where people are able to consume, smoke, or use marijuana is absolutely off limits.

Bend City Councilor Victor Chudowsky announced that Bend will surely be following the lead of the state. “Cannabis cafes are absolutely illegal in Bend,” Chudowsky said. ” If somebody tried to open one here, it would not only be contrary to the codes that we just passed, but also to state law.”

According to the Sun Times Network, many Bend residents have a different mindset regarding the subject: If it’s not hurting others, then why not? Oregon health officials seem to have a much different opinion, they see these private cannabis clubs as businesses that qualify as “public places,” which they consider enclosed areas that are open to the public.

Cannabis use in public places, even nonsmoking consumption, will be banned as of January 1, thanks to a recent addition to the Oregon Clean Air Act.


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