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Calling all terp-heads, devoted dabbers, and extract enthusiasts! Wicked Kind has finally released their premier concentrates line to be indulged by oil aficionados all throughout Oregon. Wicked Kind brings their big name strains to the big leagues of the concentrate game and are creating high profile home run hitters. Offering a wide and wicked range of styles and consistencies, Wicked Kind concentrates are not only a terptastic version of their top shelf craft cannabis but exemplary of the trajectory of cannabis extraction trends. The Wicked Kind way is to keep it kind and that’s how you know their team of cannabis and creative experts are always keeping the consumer in mind.

A terp taste test is on the high rise and Mac 1, Cherry Ak-47, and Wicked Blend are on the chopping block. The first of the heavy hitters to step up to the plate is the 2018 “Best Hybrid” Dope Cup winner MAC 1. MAC 1 is an invigorating indica dominant hybrid and genetic blend of Alien Cookies, Colombian Gold, and Starfighter. Mini dab doses are recommended with this brainwave buster, the terpene content is unknown but comes forth like a line drive to the lungs. A flurry of coughing fits may ensue as the tornado of spruce and cypress flavored terpenes take over the senses. The Mac 1 buzz slides in suddenly like a stolen base, starting at the brim of the forehead and sneaks up just under the chin and into the rest of the face, setting you up for a drastically chill mental state.

I made my very own Wicked Stixx preroll with the next on deck Cherry-AK crumble courtesy of the Wicked Kind concentrates line. Cherry AK, the rare phenotype of the vintage strain AK-47, didn’t just get me blissfully blazed but brought on a boundless amount of cherry-like flavors. Just like many would expect, there’s a bold rush of sweetness of ripened black cherries and Italian Cream Soda with a slight bite of spice that resembles the zing of Cubeb berry. Cherry AK is absolutely dynamite as it’ll ignite an effervescent sensation for both the mind and body. Beginning with a blast of cerebral ecstasy, the high and long-lasting effects of Cherry AK’s bolstering build up that never comes crashing down.

The Wicked Blend sugar wax is a motley crew of three major leaguers; Cherry AK-47, J1, and Grease Monkey. This rock your socks off sugar wax is a gumbo of strains that capture the gassiness of Grease Monkey, the sweet berry essence and thrilling stoniness of Cherry AK-7, and the creative edginess of J1. The Wicked Kind Wicked Blend infiltrates the senses at a gradual and creep like pace. Many experience going from a clearheaded high to a shuffled laidback stone that lingers on for hours after the first few dabs. The gage on this one may be hard to read, meaning a little dab will do you just fine and to not dive in too deep.

Wicked Kind Concentrates can be found at select cannabis storefronts partnered with Wicked Kind.