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Towards the end of March, Whoopi Goldberg officially announced the launch of her medicinal marijuana products for menstrual cramps with Maya Elisabeth, a successful marijuana edible maker in the marijuana industry.

The only downside is that Goldberg’s marijuana products are not accessible in many states just quite yet. In an interview with ATTN, Goldberg disclosed what she is doing to fight back against this obstacle for women in need of an alternative way to relieve their menstrual cramps.

“We’re talking to legislators and we’re also trying to get women to say ‘Hey, we want these products here; we want to be able to use these products,’ specifically because they’re not things that get you high,” explains Goldberg. “You can’t smoke them. You can only rub them.”

While being in the processing of crafting a cannabis product specifically focused on dealing with menstrual cramps, Goldberg has come to the realization that there is a universal lack of education.

“What I’m surprised at is that there aren’t more women involved. I’m surprised that the period seems to be something that nobody knows anything about. As hip as marijuana growers are, there’s a lot of stuff they don’t know,” says Goldberg. “That’s a big learning curve.”

So, do Goldberg’s marijuana products actually work when dealing with menstrual cramps? Most of the time, doctors will just tell you to pop an Advil or two and wait it out. But anyone who has dealt with a case of severe period pain can recognize that sometimes that just won’t cut it. With Whoopi Goldberg’s premium line of cannabis products (edibles, topical rubs, and bath soaks) designed to help ease cramps, your skeptical outlook on weed alleviating that type of pain might just change. Buzzfeed took it upon themselves to do a demo on each of Whoopi’s products. Check out this BuzzFeed video where two women test out Whoopi’s marijuana product line.


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