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We are all about smoking the good whether it be in a blunt, a bong bowl, or a preroll. White Tahoe Cookies is the current preroll strain in rotation that’s being featured by Good Smoke. The Good Smoke preroll pack line presented by SugarTop Buddery contains 10 individually rolled 0.5g flower-only prerolls sourced from Oregon’s cream of the crop cultivators. All bud and no BS is the name of the game when flaming up a White Tahoe Cookies preroll from Good Smoke, one hit hints at the pleasant pastime to come.

White Tahoe Cookies prerolls

White Tahoe Cookies is one of the more intricate of the known Cookies strains, as it tends to have a two toned high that seesaws up and down between super inert and irrefutably relaxed. Another creative cross coming from the SugarTop/Good Smoke and Grateful Greenery collaboration, White Tahoe Cookies picks up its potent genetics from some popular top shelf strains: The White, Tahoe OG, and an unidentified cut of Girl Scout Cookies. As a heavy-handed indica dominant strain, a cascade of immediately sedating cerebral effects melt any tension in the brainwaves and paints your chaotic canvas with serene colors of tranquil sea blue and the gold of starry skies. 

Rookie smokers should stick to a quick puff or two to gage the strength of the earthy pine scented smoke (hats off to its 3.49% terpene content) and the lingering body high that catches some off guard. Even the more seasoned stoners have gone puff for puff and gotten KO’d before finishing a single Good Smoke preroll. Be sure to keep that in mind, if you need a little R & R or time to reflect and get in touch with your deeper self then White Tahoe Cookies will take care of ya.