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Award-winning grower Benson Elvis rounded out last year with a handful of accolades at the 4th Annual DOPE Cup 2018. Awarded Best Sungrown Hybrid Flower for their Animism #6 and was also taking home the runner-up prize in the same category for Josh D. OG at last years DOPE Cup, Benson Elvis took the cake by winning Best Sungrown Indica Dominant Flower with South Fork Kush #56. Benson Elvis is receiving further recognition as one of few outdoor cannabis cultivators with a flower line that is comparable to some of the most elite indoor cannabis farmers. Self proclaimed seed hunter with superior genetics that is cultivated with passion, skill, and mindfulness, the Benson Elvis team provides the recreational market of Oregon with pesticide free organic flower.

This is the first time The Daily Leaf team has had the pleasure of trying Benson Elvis premium sungrown flower. Available only at Pakalolo, this fresh batch of Where’s My Bike from Benson Elvis is a far-out cross of Amnesia Haze and and the unfamiliar strain Biker Kush. This strain has a piney essence that’s as potent and powerful as the ponder stricken high that many will experience. The flavor stays true to the crisp clean smell of hickory pine. The associated effects are a terrific blend of focused energy and sharpened senses that eventually slides into a drastically soothing calm that melts away all basics of motor function and molds you to the couch.

Where’s My Bike by Benson Elvis is a sativa-dominant strain that provides a fluctuating high that serves users up with a mild sunny side up kind of mentality. This is totally a wake and bake strain as the high centers around the head with a massive wave of euphoria and an energetic vibe that lights the flame of creativity. Although Where’s My Bike is mainly daytime flower, some users mention that the Amnesia Haze portion of this strain can cause a brief lapse in memory. One bowl too many might have you wondering and asking “Where’s my bike? Where’s my lighter? Where’s my brain?”.