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On Monday the 4th, marijuana sales tax took a jump on the recreational side of the marijuana industry here in Oregon.

Countless customers said the substantial change to the 25% tax wouldn’t make them stop coming to Oregon dispensaries to buy marijuana. However, they were extremely curious and had some questions about where all the extra money was going or how it’s being used.

“Initially, the tax revenue that’s collected will go to pay for the department of revenue expenses for collecting those taxes,” Mark Pettinger with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s recreational marijuana program said. “Then the OLCC will be paid back for the loan it’s essentially giving itself to fund the recreational marijuana operations.” Pettinger mentioned that payback could last until 2017.

All taxes accumulated through recreational marijuana sales will be dispersed throughout the state:

  • Common school fund (40%)
  • Alcohol and drug treatment programs (20%)
  • State police, local cities and counties and the Oregon Health Authority (15%)

The OHA is currently overseeing Oregon’s early recreational marijuana sales. In October, the OLCC will take over which means the tax rate will most likely change.

Pettinger concludes that OHA-managed medical dispensaries will have a top tax rate of 25% for recreational customers. Once recreationally licensed establishments start operating, they will implement at 17% tax for marijuana sales plus an additional 3% city tax.

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