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As the holiday season is starting to sneak by and with the new year just a few weeks out, unless you’re suffering from bad recall it’s almost impossible to forget that it’s about to be the second birthday of the legal marijuana industry. It’s time to celebrate and it’s clear that more is changing, but these changes aren’t always wrapped up with a big pretty bow. In truth, marijuana legalization is on a fast track to becoming “evergreen.”

So what are some of the things on the minds of certain leaders in the marijuana industry?  Marijuana Investor News went ahead and made the move by talking to the industry to see what its leaders are really crossing their fingers for this holiday season and what they hope to get as stocking stuffers this year .

A partner with Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP in New York, Marc Ross said, “We are taught by the stories of Hanukkah and Christmas that miracles can happen and show us the way, but I wouldn’t expect any miracles this holiday season. The law regarding marijuana will continue to change, that is for sure, but (similar to gay marriage), it will take longer to change and be driven by popular sentiment reflected by the will of the people in the individual states.”

All over the country, business leaders in the cannabis industry appear to share Ross’ optimism, encouraged by the optimism of continual legal expansion and sustainable sales.

“Looking ahead to the holiday season and new year, I would love to see fewer restrictions on medical research involving cannabis in the United States,” said Seth Yakatan, CEO of Kalytera. “This would allow Kalytera, and other pharmaceutical research companies, to fully explore and understand the medicinal value and effects of the roughly 100 cannabinoids found in marijuana plants—potentially unleashing a new generation of pharmaceutical drugs.”

“Any good holiday wish starts with acknowledgment of our blessings, and in cannabis there’s many: public opinion has shifted massively in favour of legalization, states that have legalized are reaping huge benefits, many more legalization efforts are in the works, and most of all, the industry is blossoming,” said Eddie Miller from Greenrush. And yet, despite the blessings, cannabis, is still a class 1 scheduled substance in the US. What we hope to find in our stocking is that government, science, business, and patients will be able to unite this year to end prohibition. We wish for business to drive cannabis into the 21st century with cutting edge technology, efficiency innovation, and massive investment allowing for maturation and growth.”

One thing is for certain as our country moves towards a much greener holiday season, at least in states where some kind of reform has taken place, not to mention places where change is clearly coming. Those who have been long advocating for legalization know that there will be many happy holidays to celebrate in the upcoming future, and that the one thing that won’t be in your stocking this year is the proverbial “lump of coal.”

And this for many, is cause for celebration, both during the holiday season and beyond.

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