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Weeds, the highly-rated, fan-favorite comedy that put Showtime on the map for original programming, is coming back for another dose. Weeds was an influence on a number of shows considered modern classics today.

Its sequel series is now in development at cable network STARZ.

The darkly satirical show ran for eight seasons (from 2005 to 2012) and starred Mary Louise-Parker as a suburban widow who decides to become a marijuana deal to make ends meet. She had to find creative ways to operate under the radar and avoid law enforcement. Mexican border tunnels, health care, and violence-prone young men – Weeds was ahead of the curve on these topics.

Mary Louise-Parker portrayed Nancy Botwin, who charged forward with her canna-business despite it being illegal at the time, dealt with gangs and cops and politicians alike all while making a lot of cash to provide for her family after her husband died.

Series creator Jenji Kohan went on to create and run Orange is the New Black for Netflix.

Lionsgate TV produced the original show and is developing the sequel for STARZ. Louise-Parker is attached to star and executive produce. Victoria Morrow is the writer and Executive Producer, which means she’s probably the showrunner. The original series was one of Showtime’s highest-rated shows. It ushered in an era of darker, satirical shows featuring flawed heroines like Nurse Jackie, The Big O, all the way to Shameless.

The new series is a sequel, set 10 years later where weed is legal in dozens of states, in some capacity. Nancy Botwin can’t stay away from the weed business, it seems. It should be fun to see what Nancy, her sons, and zany associates are doing now.