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Every Friday, we bring you a roundup of some of the finest stories in marijuana news. This is that roundup.


Banging Buds at Burger King?

We’ve all wished that we could have a one-stop shop for weed and munchies. Two enterprising young employees at a Burger King outlet in Epping, New Hampshire, made that dream a reality. Refinery29 reports that Garrett “Nasty Boy” Norris and his shift manager Megan Dearborn have been charged with distribution related offenses. According to reports, customers could expect a coffee cup loaded with marijuana when they placed an order for “extra crispy” fries. In a reminder that much of the country continues to maintain ludicrously punitive cannabis policies, the pair may well face jail time for selling these plants.


Decriminalization Begins in Israel

Even as much of the country holds on to outdated marijuana policies, many other nations are following the lead of states like Oregon and moving towards decriminalization. According to reports by CNN, those caught in Israel possessing less than 15 grams of marijuana will now be subject only to citation, rather than any criminal prosecution. After a fourth offense, police may prosecute at their discretion.

This move will bring Israel to a slightly less tolerant legal climate than Oregon possessed in 1972, yet a slightly more tolerant climate than most of the world possesses today.


IVape? Apple Files Patent for Vaping Technology

But even as states and countries debate their approach to cannabis, the grand march of capitalism continues unabated in those places where the plant is legal. Several Outlets have reported that Apple has recently filed a patent for a vaporizing device. The material to be vaporized is not specified in the application, but unless Apple has a sudden interest in the nicotine business, we’re willing to guess that marijuana might just find its way into these devices. The patent focuses on maximizing the rate at which the substance is vaporized so that less is lost to cooling.


In Texas Schools, Legal Weed Smoking Can’t Get You Fired

This link is worth clicking through, because although we’re just here to tell you about the marijuana-related aspects of the story, the full tale involves claims of demon possession in Texas public schools. The short version is that a Texas public school teacher, Maryam Roland, tested positive for marijuana consumption after accusations by a disgruntled employee that several of the school’s employees were involved in the sale and distribution of cocaine.
Westword reports that Roland claimed to have legally consumed a marijuana-infused edible while traveling in Colorado. When Roland appealed a two-year revocation of her teaching license, Judge William Newchurch compared the attempted revocation to firing an employee for gambling – an act that is illegal in Texas – while traveling to Las Vegas. The Judge overturned Roland’s suspension. This is big news in what may be the first test case involving an individual testing positive in a second state for marijuana consumed in a state where it was legal.

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