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Every week, we guide you to some of the most interesting marijuana stories floating around the interwebs. Your Daily Leaf Correspondent has been quiet lately, as he’s been moving through Korea and India. Now we’re glad to resume our regular programming with the finest in marijuana news.

How To Get Less High

The NY Daily News, not always known for subtle and nuanced journalism, has recently been doing great work on race and incarceration, and also on cannabis. This helpful list will guide the newbie stoner who, inevitably, will get too high. While these common sense tips are useful, they missed perhaps the most effective and speedy way to come back down when the buzz overwhelms: roll up a CBD only doobie.

No More Prison For French Weedheads

In an eminently rational move, French politicians recently decided that it just doesn’t make sense to put people behind bars for smoking marijuana. From now on, simple possession will no longer be a jailable offense, although the plant will continue to remain illegal to cultivate, possess, or consume. Some judges have reportedly complained that this will do nothing to clear overcrowded courts, as charges will still be brought in possession cases.


CBD Oil Demonstrated To Treat Rare Epilepsy Variant

It’s not really news that CBD can treat epilepsy at this point: though peer reviewed research is limited, it is relatively conclusive and comes alongside a wealth of anecdotal experience. That said, little research has been conducted on the effects of marijuana on patients with Dravet Syndrome, a rare, drug resistant, and often fatal form of childhood epilepsy. A recent double-blind placebo controlled study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that patients treated with marijuana derived CBD oil experienced fewer than half as many seizures as they had previous to the treatment.

Inverse Takes a Good Look At Terpenes
Inverse takes a look at what terpenes are and what they do. This is strictly entry level reading, but for those looking for an entry level guide to the role of terpenes in your smoking experience, they’ve done a great job laying out the basics.