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Every week, we take a look at some of the best and most bizarre in marijuana news. This is that round-up.

Tensions Rise Over Conflicting CA Marijuana Regulations

California has a bit of a regulatory problem. In 2015, California legislators worked out a compromise bill with broad support that laid out the ways in which the state’s then medical-only marijuana markets would be regulated. In 2016, however, voters approved a measure to legalize recreational use. The regulatory measures in that bill are reported to have been heavily influenced by members of the cannabis industry. The LA Times looks at the political fight that is brewing over which rules will prevail.


Holy Smoke: Marijuana And Spirituality in Los Angeles

Okay, this one’s silly but fun. LA Weekly explores the increasing role that cannabis is playing among religious communities in Los Angeles. The whole piece is worth a look. It dissects the role of marijuana in Hindu mythology and ritual, explores theories regarding cannabis in Judaism, and explores ways that some modern Jews and Christians incorporate the plant into their religious practice.


Oxford University Researching Medical Marijuana

Well, marijuana research has officially made it into the big time. While restrictions on schedule one substances mean that the American medical marijuana research landscape is sharply limited, the UK seems to be going full steam ahead. Oxford University will begin with a $12.5 investment from Kingsley Capital Partners and will research the “treatment of pain, cancer, and inflammatory diseases,” Entrepreneur Magazine reports.


Tech Product Provides Out-Of-The-Box Solution for Online Marijuana Stock Management and Sales
If you make a product and want to sell it to consumers online, there are any number of tech solutions that can help you address that need. Marijuana businesses, however, face complex webs of regulations that can vary from state to state. Fast Company Magazine looks at Baker, a product designed to meet the needs of cannabis companies operating in the online space.