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At the end of every week, we at The Daily Leaf pull together some of our favorite cannabis related stories for your reading pleasure. This is your marijuana news blast.


Medical Marijuana May Spread To More Flyover States

As we’ve noted in many past posts, the expansion of medical marijuana legalization may face a hurdle as pro-weed campaigners run out of states that offer direct citizen democracy through ballot initiatives. In the past, many legislators have been unwilling to go on the record supporting legalization, whether medical or recreational. However, with 28 states offering legal medical marijuana, even conservative legislators are beginning to consider medical cannabis as a solution to their budget woes. Passage of these bills is still far away, but recent reports suggest that Nebraska, Illinois, and South Carolina may be next in line for legal medical marijuana programs.


White Market Growers in Colorado Black Market Bust

Daaaaaaaaammmmnnnnn, this is a big bust. Authorities in Colorado have just seized about one and a quarter tons of marijuana in Colorado. They contend that the bud was being grown in Colorado and illegally transported to states in the South and Midwest for sale. In a revelation that suprises exactly no one, reports indicate that at least some of the marijuana was grown as part of Colorado’s legal recreational or medical production. Half of the sixteen individuals who were detained in relation to the seizure possessed Colorado state marijuana business license of one form or another. Pot critics were wrong about legalization’s impact on addiction and traffic fatalities, but they were probably right that legal states will struggle to keep marijuana grown within their borders from leaking beyond.


Anti-Marijuana Pharma Company Releases Synthetic Marijuana

We’re gonna come back to this one with a dedicated post as more information emerges, but we wanted to get this up immediately. Because Insys Therapeutics may well be our Daily Leaf public enemy number one. These guys were the largest single donor to the successful campaign to stop legalization in Arizona. They also are under investigation for paying kickbacks to doctors to prescribe highly addictive opioids. And they also have a synthetic CBD drug in the pipeline. Syndros, their new synthetic THC drug, has gained preliminary approval from the FDA. Keep an eye on The Daily Leaf as we watch Insys and their attempt to restrict access to marijuana so that they can profit off of their propriety synthetic versions.


Black Market Grow Op Burns in NYC, Neighbors Order Munchies
If reports from New York’s Daily News can be believed, pizza orders may have spiked on one block in The Bronx when an indoor grow operation got caught up in a building fire, purifying the block in Jah’s holy smoke. Reports indicate 17 trash bags of marijuana were removed by police, but “trash bag” isn’t a unit of measurement that either our old dealer or our new budtender use. From the looks of photos, the fuzz might have been pulling out whole plants, not cured bud. So while we’re not sure what the size of this undercover grow was, it seems it was big enough to get one Bronx block party started.