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At the end of every week, we survey the landscape of marijuana news to find the more relevant and amusing tidbits for your reading pleasure. This is that roundup.


Legal Marijuana May Overtake Manufacturing For Job Creation By 2020

According to Business Insider, legal marijuana may be a big driver of American job growth than manufacturing by 2020. This is big news; the more individuals directly touched by the leaf, the more politically difficult it will become to roll back marijuana legalization.


Weed For The Female Orgasm? We’re suspicious.

Frankly, we’re suspicious. We don’t know much about the science behind this, but according to New York Magazine, the strain was bred to improve sex for women. The problem, of course, is that given the laws are marijuana and human trials, there’s really no way to conduct a robust, peer reviewed analysis of the strain’s effects. But when quoted on the strain, Karan Wagner, of Paradigm Medical Marijuana, the strain’s originator, emphasized that it’s relatively low THC levels left women open to sensuality, but without such an intense high that they weren’t able to fully enjoy the experience. We wonder if just smoking slightly less of other weed might also do the trick.


This Dog is a Medical Marijuana Patient

Honestly, this is just kinda weird and kind funny. It makes sense, but we’ve never though of canine medical cannabis before. Just click through to watch the video.


One More Step Towards Social Consumption In Colorado

Westword reports that a bill to allow “social consumption” of marijuana, the official terms for clubs or venues that allow onsite marijuana consumption, has passed through committee and will move to the full Senate. While passage isn’t assured, the bill passed its committee vote with bipartisan support. Should the bill become law, it will be the first case in which social consumption is allowed statewide.


More Than One Hundred Pounds of Sticky Wash Up on San Diego Shore
The San Diego Union Tribune has reported that the shores of Del Mar, a San Diego suburb, more than one hundred pounds of the ganj washed up on shore. According to the report, lifeguards found the weed in the morning, and notified the police. We’re thinking there were more like 200 pounds of herb before the lifeguards showed up.

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