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Every Friday – okay, okay, most Fridays – we at the Daily Leaf take a look at the major weed headlines of the past week. Sometimes, if they’re funny enough, we even look at the minor weed headlines. For those of you who don’t want to follow the marijuana news every day, this is your Weed in Review.


Finally, the Congressional Cannabis Caucus is Inaugurated

It’s amazing that it took this long. Now that medical cannabis is legal in most of the country, our federal representatives have come together to form the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, Salon reports. For those not familiar with inner workings of the US Congress, a caucus is a group of Representatives who collectively support a specific cause. Some, such as the Anti-terrorism Caucus, are deadly serious. Others, such as the Small Brewers Caucus, the Baby Caucus, or the Bourbon Caucus, are more frivolous. It may not mean much, but an organized group of US Representatives who support legal cannabis is a step in the right direction.


Free Weed For German Patients

Germany’s medical marijuana program just got a whole lot better. Reports indicate that the German program restricts cannabis prescriptions to serious health conditions, and even in those cases, patients were, until recently, forced to pay twenty dollars or more a gram for medical marijuana. Under a new law, Highsnobiety reports, German medical marijuana patients will now be eligible to have their marijuana costs covered by public insurers, much like other medications are in the country.


Minor Possession to Be Decriminalized in the Houston Area

For readers in Portland, decriminalizing marijuana possession may not seem like a big deal. After all, we did it 45 years ago. But when the county in which Houston, Texas is located announces decriminalization of misdemeanor possession, that’s a significant move. Because Texas has long been a really good place to go if you want to get thrown in the slammer for smoking a little a green. At this point, it’s probably not necessary for us to point out that Houston is a racially diverse city and that minority communities often bear the brunt of anti-marijuana policing. But we’re going to anyway. Because this is a huge win for equality in Houston. As of now, possession of any quantity of cannabis extracts or concentrates is a felony in Texas. We’re curious to see if this change impacts charges for concentrate possession.


Colorado Company Launches CBD Coffee: Where Can We Get Some?
This isn’t news as much as it’s a plea to our readers in the cannabis community to please go out and start producing CBD coffee. Strava Craft Coffee, a Colorado company, has recently released a line of CBD infused coffee, with doses ranging from 30mg to 240mg of the stuff. We wish that pharmaceutical research were a little bit more advanced when it comes cannabis, because the truth of the matter is, we can’t say with great certainty how exactly CBD is doing it’s magic. But we know that it makes us feel great without getting stoned. If any of our trusty Daily Leaf readers have found CBD coffee in Oregon, you know where it goes down: in the DM. Hit us up.