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Here at The Daily Leaf, we think that cannabis and outdoor recreation are two great things that go great together. That’s why we bring you events like Fore Twenty Golf and Cannabowl, where we can bring together our most enduring passions. 

Professional athletic leagues, however, have not traditionally been big fans of players using marijuana. And the National Basketball Association has been no exception. Those Leaf readers of a certain age might remember the Portland Trailblazers numerous marijuana-related run-ins with the law in the early 2000s. There was that time a pair of Blazers got pulled over speeding in a yellow Humvee driving back from a Sonics’ game in Seattle and happened to be burning some herb out of a soda can. Or, our personal favorite, the time that cops showed up to a burglar alarm at Damon Stoudamire’s house only to find the front door wide open and nearly a pound of weed sitting on the table. 

But, at least temporarily, professional basketball players who happen to be cannabis enthusiasts can breathe a little easier. Or (cough, cough), perhaps a little less easy. As long as NBA games are suspended due to coronavirus precautions, the league reached an agreement with the players’ association to suspend all drug testing. This follows on our recent report that the NFL will end suspensions for players testing positive for cannabis.

In normal times, players are subject to six random unannounced drug tests throughout the year. The NBC Sports report that brings us this news also quotes former Golden State Warriors forward Al Harrington estimating that more than 80% of NBA players are, in any case, cannabis users. So while we’re not sure how effective the league’s drug-testing policy is, we’re glad that, in this time of trouble, NBA players will have unfettered access to a little herbal relaxation.

Photos Courtesy of Axios