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Every Friday, we round up some of the week’s finest in weed news. This is that roundup.


San Diego Paves The Way For Dispensaries

The City of San Diego recently voted to approve recreational dispensaries in the city, paving the way for recreational sales in January 2017. The city defeated a measure to ban marijuana processing in the city, but agreed to revisit the issue in nine months.


Colorado Data Suggests Decline in Marijuana Related ER Admissions

ER admissions and poison control calls related to marijuana have declined over the past year, even as marijuana consumption has held steady, the Denver Post reports. This data seems to imply that after a few years of smoking, Coloradans have finally figured out how to master their high.


The Perfect Gift for Stoner Valentine’s Day

As far as we can tell, this is real thing. California-based Lowell Farms is offering a special kind of Valentine’s bouquet this year. Suprise your stoner princess with a green bouquet that features one ounce of a strain called Purple Princess, on the stem, in an aesthetically pleasing presentation. The whole shebang goes for $400 a pop, and is only available in Los Angeles. Personally, we’d rather not pay a premium on an ounce and still have to do the trimming ourselves, but there’s a lot about Valentine’s Day that confuses us.


Fewer Colorado Businesses Testing Employees For Marijuana

The Denver Post reports that employees in 62% of Colorado businesses test for marijuana use. This is down from 77% in 2014. We hope to see continued falls in testing numbers as businesses realize that trying to prevent their employees from smoking legal pot on their time off is rarely a winning strategy.


Forbes Estimates 20% Jump in Superbowl Marijuana Sales
Honestly, you just read everything about this story that you need to know in the previous sentence. Mostly, we just think it’s pretty awesome that we now live in a world where Forbes magazines reports marijuana sales forecasts.