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At the end of every week, we recap some of the new, noteworthy, or just plain bizarre marijuana news from the past few days. This is that roundup.

Cannabis Dating Is Really A Thing

The Las Vegas Sun takes a look at Cannabis dating. To be honest, the whole thing seems a bit silly to us, but maybe that’s just because if you’re young and in Portland, a lot of dating ends up being cannabis dating without really trying. The piece looks at dating services themed around marijuana as well as apps and websites that promise to find users a 420 friendly match.

Montel Williams Is All About The Ganja

Not only does it turn out that former talk show host Montel Williams has been consuming mad amounts of marijuana for many years to help treat symptoms from his multiple sclerosis. He’s a big advocate of marijuana’s healing properties and has founded a California business producing healthy edibles with varied proportions of CBD and THC. Also, this picture we found of him, arguing with some Navy brass in a strangely hilarious Department of Defense sponsored cooking show, is best.  Montel used to be a seaman, bee-tee-dubs. Good thing he doesn’t need his veterans’ benefits or he might get in trouble for the marijuana business.

Some Folks Seem To Think Microdosing Is The Next Big Thing In Marijuana

So, apparently, the cool new thing for folks who don’t really smoke much weed but kinda want to be in on this big new legal marijuana game is to microdose. At least according to Salon. Which means taking a teeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy amount of THC or CBD tincture so you can just maybe barely feel something. We get why people might want to do this with acid, but when it comes to marijuana, this just seems like a recipe for weed naps to us.

Mexico’s Lower House of Congress Approves Medical Marijuana Bill
We noted previously that Mexico’s Senate had passed this legislation. With yes votes now achieved in both houses of Mexico’s Congress, the bill will now proceed to President Pena Nieto, who has indicated that he intends to sign it. With its passage and legal weed coming in 2018 across Canada, only 22 American states will stand between a green belt from the arctic circle to the Guatemalan border.