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The Ten Most And Ten Least Weed Friendly Colleges In The US – Looking to go to university and you want to know a bit more about different schools’ views on cannabis? Most schools won’t tell you on their website or when you’re touring, so here’s a list that’ll save you from having to ask around and hope people are right. The Princeton Review recently released their lists of all the best universities, ranking for a variety of variables including “Best Business School” and other boring things; they also discussed who was the best for weed, and who was the best for being against weed.

Which Universities Really Hate Weed? 

Many universities will gladly hold onto anti-cannabis mentalities, but some just straight up hate the stuff. Here are the ten that dislike bud the most.

10. Calvin College 

Hailing from Michigan, which may well be one of the next states to legalize recreational cannabis, Calvin College made number ten on the list.

9. City University of New York – Baruch College 

While many of the big apple’s schools are on the weed friendly list put out by the review, Baruch College goes the opposite direction.

8. Wheaton College (IL) 

Illinois is one of the states that’s less up-to-date when it comes to cannabis, so it’s not really a surprise that one of their schools would make this list. Still divided on recreational, medical marijuana is legal but the state recently ordered stores to stop selling CBD, saying it was only legal for use treating epilepsy.

7. Thomas Aquinas College 

Based in California, this college nonetheless ranks as one of the least weed friendly in the country. They probably won’t like when legalization goes into effect in the state in 2018…

6. College of the Ozarks

Based in Missouri, well… they don’t even have MMJ legalized, so it’s not terribly surprising that this college comes in at the middle of the list of schools that don’t take kindly to your jazz cigarettes.

5. United States Airforce Academy 

Based in Colorado, but a military university, it’s not terribly surprising that they don’t want their students getting high after hours. Though they reportedly eased up their rules, allowing students who have previously used weed to enroll, they don’t allow current students to indulge.

4. Brigham Young University (UT) 

Well, Utah is one of the most restrictive states when it comes to cannabis as a whole, with no uses or forms of the plant legal in the state, so this doesn’t come as a surprise.

3. United States Military Academy 

Another military school on the list, and not the last. Based in New York State, they’re one of the strictest when it comes to weed, and it’s not terribly surprising.

2. United States Naval Academy 

Based in Maryland, it’s yet another military academy. Not much to be added here.

1. United States Coast Guard Academy 

It’s pretty clear: if you want to be in a branch of the military? You can’t smoke weed.

Ok, but who will let me smoke weed? 

What might be more important for you is which universities will be a-OK with your weed use, or at least turn a blind eye. Here are the schools that the Princeton Review marked as being the most weed friendly in the nation.

10. The University of Wisconsin-Madison 

This school is actually known for its lax rules around weed use, so it’s not surprising it was included.

9. Skidmore College 

Based in Saratoga Springs, NY, Skidmore has been known as being weed friendly for some time; it made the Princeton Review’s number one spot for most weed-friendly schools back in 2013.

8. University of California, Santa Cruz 

Known as a bit of a party school, Santa Cruz has been known for their lenient views on cannabis use for some time.

7. University of Rhode Island 

Rhode Island politicians have been pushing for legalization for years now, so it’s not terribly surprising to find one of their largest schools on this list.

6. University of Maine 

While the state has seen some issues with legalization, weed is technically legal in the state even if you can’t smoke it publicly.

5. University of Colorado, Boulder 

The only thing surprising about it’s inclusion on the list is that it isn’t higher on the list. This school once topped the Princeton Review’s list for most weed-friendly schools, but has fallen to 5th. It’s no surprise that a school where you can legally show up to class high is going to be high on the list.

4. Eckerd College 

Being located in Florida, a state that isn’t particularly weed friendly, it’s surprising how high up on the list Eckerd is: they’re that chill with your pot use.

3. Bard College 

Not it’s first time seeing the top tiers of the list, it likely won’t be the last. While it’s located in New York State, which hasn’t yet legalized recreational, they’re still known as one of the most stoner-friendly schools in the country.

2. Ithaca College 

This inclusion isn’t a surprise for anyone who’s visited scenic Ithaca, New York: located near Corning and it’s famous glassworks, the center of the city is lined with glass shops that create mindbending artistic bowls and bongs, even creating one-of-a-kind pieces while you watch.

1. University of Vermont 

While Vermont has tried and failed to legalize cannabis multiple times, they still have the highest population per capita of weed smokers, so it’s no surprising to find them at the top of the list. Maybe this means legalization is on the horizon?