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With so many cannabis farms in Oregon producing the best bud the world has ever smoked, it can be a challenge to set yourself apart. But Passport Cannabis (Folium Farms LLC) is doing just that with a state-of-the-art operation that utilizes the best in contemporary technology and a staff of highly experienced and dedicated grow professionals.

We recently had the opportunity to tour their greenhouses in Oregon City and were immediately blown away by the facility. Resting on 44 acres and currently nearing its inaugural harvest of 33 different strains, Passport Cannabis is justifiably proud of their customized Nexus Greenhouse. The greenhouse employs passive cooling for temperature control even in these blazing summer days, Nexus roll tables which allow the staff to access every plant for focused care, and radiant flooring which provides the heat needed for plants to reach optimal yield.

Despite the cutting edge grow tech such as automated sensor-control, Passport Cannabis knows the value in traditional growing techniques and practices. Their staff of cultivation experts knows how to produce premium buds, and this experience coupled with the incredible facility makes for a producer to watch out for.

Their first harvest is at the end of August, so expect to see and hear a lot more from Passport. They specialize in kush and CBD, two types of cannabis which will certainly draw some attention their way, especially with the ever-growing demand for CBD products. The buds that stood out to us were their Golden Goat and Bruce Banner, each with thick, sexy buds coated with glimmering trichomes.

Consider this your early notice to get on board and take a trip with Passport Cannabis this fall. They’ve been hosting industry nights to rally passionate folks in the industry and celebrate consumers and industry workers, with their third such event coming up on September 7 at Vitalidad Movement Arts & Events Center (VMAC) in Portland.

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About Passport Cannabis:

Passport Cannabis is a sophisticated greenhouse operation in Oregon, grown with traditional organic practices, genetically verified strains and an experienced team of artisan growers, strictly dedicated to elevating the industry standards.

We begin by producing exotic strains of top-shelf artisan cannabis, utilizing best-in-class farming practices and continue the journey through social and environmental initiatives; a persistent mission to elevate standards in the marketplace. We’re committed to our communities, promoting unity, and exceeding every expectation while constantly evolving with the industry.

Experienced artisan growers with a reliable business staff that delivers consistent top-shelf premium flower for every lifestyle.
Passport combines commercial practices with traditional and agricultural values through innovative technology hardware for the cannabis industry.