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Novik Industries has introduced some of their latest primo strains for us to spark up; and these bomb buds are sure to balance out this early heat wave of the summer. Watermelon Zkittles is the first of a few Novik strains to send our tastebuds into a thrill and settle us down into the sofa cushions. Watermelon Zkittles has a propensity towards the 70/30 Indica dominant ratio rather than initiating a balanced effect across the board. This hasn’t been confirmed but this hybrid is known to be a cross of the highly sought after Zkittles combined with the indica Watermelon. As many of you may have guessed, this is one incredibly flavorful flower. Watermelon Zkittles instantly emanates a freakishly fragrant fruit-like essence with a terpene profile and flavor palate to match. This strain is one that stands out for its lingering lush aftertaste.

Novik Industries
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Watermelon Zkittles isn’t just a juicy strain for its aromatic characteristics and killing the flavor game; it’s also getting major street cred amongst the cannabis connoisseurs and has the juice for its outstanding terpene profile. The Watermelon Zkittles high lays it on thick. I for one can attest to the sudden feeling of “being stuck on stupid”, because after taking a few fat puffs of a blunt filled to with some Novik flame I was set for the evening. Like a forceful rush of blood to the head, I was smacked in the face with a sedating euphoria that led me down the path to pure relaxation. All worries went out the window and pure contentment poured over me like a waterfall overtaking the heat of the day. Eventually my mood was lifted by the calming sensations felt all throughout my body conjoined with carefree vibes.

This strain is perfect for chilling in the backyard cozied up in your hammock while sipping on some spiked lemonade or an Arnold Palmer. For an instantaneous mood enhancer, spark up a joint of this mind melter and get ready to feel all the irritations of past moments and stress felt throughout the day dissipate. While I would recommend this hybrid for midday or evening time use, some users might get a dose of cannabis they can’t quite handle during the earlier hours of the day.

Due to the ultra sweet and subtle tropical fruit notes with a sugary finish, Watermelon Zkittlez is discreet enough to partake during social sessions or group activities. For solo ventures or evenings on your own, the sedating indica effects of Watermelon Zkittles are best saved for end of the day use, when the your day is winding down. Share it with a homie or even that special someone on a warm summer evening for best results.