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Some minor students require cannabis or its extracts to maintain a functional life, which can be difficult while attending school. But now in Washington, a student who holds a medical marijuana card can now use marijuana products on school grounds.

Washington state’s governor signed a bill last month that allows for medical marijuana consumption in schools. A bipartisan effort proposed the legislation, and will successfully implement it into Washington state law. The bill passed the legislation by a 79-16 vote, and the law will go into effect in July of 2019.

For a student to be eligible to consume marijuana in school they need a medical marijuana card, as well as parental permission. If the student has this, the school district has to formulate policies that accommodate the student. This will be beneficial to students in need, as well as broadening the scope for drug liberty in the United States.

For instance, a student in Florida used medical marijuana to deal with her stomach pains. In turn, the school recommended the dismissal of the student. Students across the United States are in need of medical marijuana to deal with difficult-to-solve issues.

Moreover, the Washington state bill will help all Americans in the broader effort to work towards substance legalization. Marijuana is a schedule one drug, meaning that the DEA classifies it as having a “high potential for abuse”.

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