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Wana Brands, a high-profile cannabis edible company continues to impress the Oregon cannabis market with their line up of world-class gummies. With a recent extension to their product line, Wana now has an array of sour flavored gummies available in Oregon dispensaries.

The Daily Leaf crew is absolutely infatuated the new Wana Sour Watermelon Hybrid Gummies. It takes a strong will to resist the temptation to scarf down a handful of these potent watermelon flavored bite sized treats. Without a doubt Wana Sour Watermelon Hybrid Gummies are a knockout when flavors are concerned. Each two bite Sour Watermelon Hybrid gummy is melt in your mouth soft without the ill-favored taffy-like stickiness.

Set the Watermelon Sour Patch Kids aside, Wana Brands Sour Watermelon Hybrid Gummies have an unrivaled record for top notch flavor, features, and function. Crafted from a proprietary artisan recipe containing all-natural flavors and colors, Wana Sour Watermelon Hybrid Gummies are infused with tincture in the cooking process to create the appetizing watermelon flavor. The sour sugar on each gummy isn’t overpowering causing the unwanted predictable pucker face. At a recommended 5 mg of THC a dose, Wana Sour Watermelon Hybrid Gummies come in two serving bites that can be easily shared or split in half. The total container of gummies is a has 100 mg of THC, although many advanced edible consumers will attest to one bite being just enough. Feel free to take an extra bite if you’re used to more than 10 mg. The balanced hybrid effects are well suited for all types of consumers.

Hands down, Wana Sour Watermelon Hybrid Gummies are by far some of the best fruit flavored naturally handcrafted cannabis-infused edibles on the Oregon cannabis market that we’ve sampled. In addition to Oregon, Wana Brands edibles and cannabis products are available in Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada dispensaries, and will soon be available in Florida, Illinois and Michigan.

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