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Watermelon. The fruit of Summer?

It’s summer time and the weather is hot. The thing that comes to mind is picnics, beaches and eating ice cold watermelon on a hot day. I have to say, munching down on these Watermelon flavored Wana sour sativa gummies, is like summer in your palm. Unlike the gummy candies of our childhood that had your jaw working into a fervor, these soft chews are more akin to a pate de fruit. Best munched alongside something bubbly for a double dose of refreshment.

5 mg of THC in each dose, Wana gummies come in two dose bites so they’re easy to titrate by biting or splitting in two. As mentioned, the pleasing softer texture makes these easy to take just as little or as much as you like. The entire container contains 50 mg and is a generous handful. So go ahead and munch the whole thing if that’s your typical dose. It’s a great balance between satisfying bite and munchable treat. Not too much or too sweet of a good thing. Rolled in sour sugars, they pop in the mouth without being too sour. Wana candies are much more inviting than they are a dare to eat something mouth puckering.

By using Sativa flower in the production of these sweet gems it gives them a specific effect. I feel awake and ready to go out and meet the people today after a couple and I’m planning to munch the rest to get me through a long day. Besides being tasty, these beauties are a discreet way to stay on the level without having to sneak out and find a somewhere convenient to smoke. Wana gummies don’t need to be refrigerated so throw some in your beach bag for your next day on the beach. In fact, grab a couple so there’s a few extra to snack on.