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– Written By Carlen Washington

The Velobar is a full flavored 1:1 high protein health bar that serves as a healthier alternative for cannabis consumers. With all natural ingredients combined with a balanced THC and CBD formula, the Velobar delivers an experience any athlete, adventurer, or casual cannabis consumer can enjoy. This great-tasting health bar will satisfy your hunger with the rich and savory flavor of dark chocolate mixed with roasted nuts and sea salt. Chewy and fresh, this sweet and salty snack is sweetened with dried fruit and brown rice syrup. Made with choice organic superfoods like almonds, cashews, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and dates, this protein bar is the best substitute for junk food. To keep the high energy flowing, Velobar has 7 grams of protein and is perfect for workouts, physical activities, crushing cravings, and even down time.

Indulging in this decadent treat will give you a healthy high while taking the edge off. Velobar should be nicknamed “the mellow bar” because it’s ideal for anyone looking for a stress-free, relaxing, laidback time. With a dosage of 15mg THC to 15mg CBD, Velobar provides a euphoric tranquil entourage effect and creates an enhanced feeling of mental and physical awareness.

Hiking, cycling, yoga, a movie, or a massage are just a few of the pastimes and activities that would pair well with a bite or two of a Velobar. Meant for microdosing, the Velobar is a total three servings so it’s easy to share, can be munched on throughout the day, or savored for multiple occasions. With nutritional facts and ingredients available on the packaging, Velobar can be a gratifying goodie for most anyone as a Non-GMO, gluten-free, peanut-free, vegan edible.

When eating a Velobar there’s a sense of being at ease. Fusing the benefits of cannabis and all natural ingredients are working to improve overall wellness. Crafted to amplify a healthy lifestyle, Velobar energy bars produce a pure mind and body experience. Velobar truly gives you “the best of both worlds”.