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Truly Pure is one of a handful of co2 extraction companies that weren’t swept off the shelves during the vape pen ban that’s now bounced and brought flavor based cartridges back on the majority of menus. The tried and true formula of Co2 extracted compounds that are then complemented with all natural steam distilled terpenes of lemons, limes, tangerines, and grapefruits is the Truly Pure way. While the popularity of full spectrum cartridges might be fading into the background of flavored vapes; the high-caliber quality of Truly Pure cartridges has stayed consistent and dependable from the beginning of the recreational days and will continue to for years to come.

Just the other day we had a discussion with the owners of Truly Pure to get further insight about what they’re all about; including their daily operations, what really goes into their vape pens, the process behind the product, the overall feelings concerning the vape ban, and what they foresee for the future of the vaporizer sector of the cannabis industry.

DL: What are the ingredients in your vape pens?

TP: Cannabis in its purest form, its full sprectrum super critical Co2 extraction; which is the purest form of extraction that can be done. The only terpenes that are added to the product are specifically small batch in house extracted from specific strains. This medicine is as good as it gets.

DL: You chose to not use cheaper, non-cannabis additives in your vape oil formula. What was your thinking at the time?

TP: We have stuck to the handcrafted oil instead of going to an outside source to get terpenes and add them to our stuff. Nothing has ever been added to our oil other than our own extracted terpenes. All of our cartridges are strain specific and we were one of the first and only companies to come out with strain specific Co2. Don’t get us wrong, we like flavors too but the marijuana plant has more than enough of those great fruit flavors that we can add our terps and have those same types of profiles.

DL: Was there anyone who tried to convince you to use non-cannabis additives?

TP: Most everyone, from managers to dispensaries. We want to stand apart because we don’t add anything. The market is flooded with flavored cartridges and it makes it difficult to show the consumer the differences between Co2 and distillate. We want to educate the consumer about medicine the best we can.

DL: How did staying true to cannabis-only terpenes affect business when other brands began cutting corners?

TP: We almost considered flavors at one point because that’s what people wanted. It’s a hard balance, we are taking a huge risk even with taking the ban off.

DL: Did you find that customers understood the difference between your formula and other brands?

TP: When the majority of the dispensary shelf is cartridges with flavors, most of the customer base is only going to buy those products and they don’t even know about Co2 options and only know distillate and flavor. A lot of the time consumers aren’t aware of the difference between our oil and the clarity looking distillate. There are companies that make Co2 like us but we’ve been so overflooded by the popularity of the flavored cartridge.

DL: When the Oregon government banned non-cannabis terpenes, how did you feel? Relief, pride, etc.

TP: We felt gratified, this is what we have always believed in. It was a double edge sword; as much as it was an opportunity for us, we still don’t have particular evidence or named anything concerning this specific issue. The ban happened too quick; because knowing the difference between what’s good and bad wasn’t well known enough to make the best decision for consumers.

DL: How have your sales changed since the vape illness went national, even hitting Oregon and Washington?

TP: Once a lot of the cartridges were taken off the market it gave us a chance to tell the conusmer what is in our products. With the retail side of things, some of our regular cartridge consumers would say they were going to take a break from vaping or go for edibles instead even after sharing the science behind our oil. There are several educated retailers that know enough that they brought us on as a new partnership opportunity.

DL: Where do you see the cannabis vape industry in a few years?

TP: I think a lot of people are going to have to go towards cannabis derived terpenes for their products, as well as sourcing live resin product or processing live resin themselves. Live resin cartridges is where the market is right now. I would like to believe that since this has all happened that flavors don’t come back. The consumers are getting smarter and are going to want to know what’s in their carts. Ongoing our carts will have the freshest terpene oil and will always be reliable and consist.

DL: Do you see Truly Pure as a leader in the field due to your ethical, pure cannabis formula?

TP: Yes, we are one of those companies that have been here from the start. People can always rely on us to have the same medicine for them all the time. It’s going to be great full spectrum oil every time. We really use those derived terps. We believe in the integrity of the product and we have for years. Before terpenes became huge in the industry, we always believed in them even before it became a big thing in the market.

DL: How do you think the cannabis industry can educate the industry on the benefits of sticking to your guns, not cutting corners, and giving the customers a pure product?

TP: What I’m hoping will happen is that we will start focusing on the effect of inhalation consumption of terpenes versus the edible consumption. Certain companies using these terpenes that are FDA and EPA approved for consumption but are meant to be consumed orally. We need a platform for consumer education, where customers can see companies showcase their products and the practices that go along with them.