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It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at one of Portland’s many available strains here at The Daily Leaf, so we wanted to come back with a good one. So for a lazy Sunday with an unexpected late February snow dump in the city’s higher elevations and a gaffe-filled Oscar evening, we went shopping for a heavy hitter. We got what we were looking for in Kool Kush Farm’s Valley Girl OG strain.

The medium sized, dark and leafy buds are positively coated in a dense sugar of yellow trichomes and long, thin orange pistils. The fragrance is intense; an earthy and herbaceous spice that gives a slight tingle to the nostril when one’s nose is placed at the mouth of a full jar of the Valley Girl OG strain. Whereas some aromas can be lost in combustion, the spicy overtones of the Girl come through clearly in abundant flavor, with mild hints of citrus. We’re not huge fans of SFV OG, one of the strain’s parents, but crossed here with Face Off OG, we’ve hit on a winner.
The strain is notable for its 1% CBD test. Although 1% may not be a lot, in most high potency strains (and the Valley Girl OG strain is highly potent), CBD levels have been bred to next to nothing. This is because the cannabinoid can mute the high brought on by THC. In combination with the strain’s indica lean, the small amount of CBD does seem to have a pronounced effect of relaxation and wellbeing. This strain is a winner for those looking for a heavy hitting Indica that promotes deep body relaxation and fights anxiety. It’s not going to put anyone but total newbies out of their mind, but it will give a deep stone, great for late nights or relaxation after heavy physical activity.

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