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It’s been circulating throughout the industry here in Oregon, but The U.S. Postal Service is finally putting their foot down about mailing marijuana related advertising or sending any marijuana products through the mail. Even in the states where marijuana is legal it is illegal to send marijuana ads or sell marijuana through the U.S Postal Service under the federal Controlled Substances Act. This law also disallows any written ad for controlled substances in newspapers, magazine, or any other forms of publication.

In a letter to the delegation Thomas Marshall, executive vice president and general counsel of the Postal Service wrote “These provisions express Congress’ judgment that the mail should not be used as a means of transmitting advertisements for the sale of marijuana, even if that sale is allowed under state law.”

Marshall also noted that although local postal officials are only able to report mail that contains marijuana ads attempting to be sent in the mail but are unable to refuse deliver them. Once reported local law enforcement decides if the matter qualifies for investigation.

This could directly affect any marijuana businesses that heavily rely on various forms of advertisement that create other opportunities within the industry. The Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association said the Postal Service policy could cause The newspapers to see a decrease in revenue. Medical marijuana dispensaries have multiplied in Oregon and many now are also adjusting to the recreational market. The industry is currently using billboards, websites and newspaper ads to best showcase their products in an extremely competitive market.

Oregon will not be the only state potentially affected by this new policy. The policy also impacts the states of Washington, Colorado and Alaska, where voters legalized recreational marijuana in recent years, as well as other states where medical marijuana is legal.

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