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Another day, another CBD product goes mainstream. Cannabis retailers and big retailers alike have started selling CBD and cannabis-derived products. Now the millennial brands Urban Outfitters and Free People added CBD products to their wellness lineup.

Soul Addict’s tight product lineup includes Hemp CBD Elixir, a hemp extract blend available in 30-ml. and 60-ml. sizes, and Holy Cacao Hemp Butter, a CBD-infused dark chocolate spread that premiered on April 20 this year. The Hemp CBD Elixir contains 4.2 milligrams of CBD per serving. The Holy Cacao Hemp Butter has 100 milligrams of CBD per jar. Customers can consume either product straight or mix the products with teas, smoothies, tonics and foods.

The brand is working to expand its assortment. A natural CBD lubricant and massage oil for women is in the pipeline.

Soul Addict Owner Laura White says, “I want to continue creating products as an ode to women and our intimate relationship to plants from both an emotional wellness and beauty perspective.”

Soul Addict, which is among a skyrocketing number of brands involved in the CBD movement, is driven to educate people on the emotional and physical wellness benefits of hemp. White discovered hemp-derived CBD in her attempts to cope with anxiety and depression. “Soul Addict is for the woman who wants to naturally empower her emotions with CBD, have access to something she feels good about taking each day, and is well-versed in the green beauty and wellness space,” she says. “But we’re also universal when it comes to who can have a wonderful experience with our products.”