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Our staff at The Daily Leaf aren’t full blown dabbers, so when RCCtools dropped off their latest tye dyed e nails for testing we asked our good buddy from Fore Twenty Sports, Matt Enos, if he wanted to give this dabbing device a try.  He was immediately drawn the the tye-dyed graphics from the box that look like a resin glass job on a surfboard, and we knew it was a match!

RCCtools are made with ABS plastic enclosures, very similar to LEGO material. This results in a shock-resistant case that is very strong, durable, and safer than aluminum cases. The unique painting process used for RCCtools enclosures is called “hydro-dipping”. It originates from an traditional Islamic technique in Central Asia in which color pigments are suspended on water using a variety of surfactants (substances that change the water’s surface tension) and then captured on “seaweed”-treated paper. RCCtools ABS cases are dipped into oil-based paints suspended on top of soapy water in order to achieve the desired effect and individualize each enclosure. The cases are then finished with a protective clear enamel coating. Each case is as unique as a fingerprint, and would be impossible to duplicate exactly. Designs can turn out to appear like natural patterns such as marble, wood, or sometimes originating from another world entirely. Many different effects are possible, and there are more than a few variables that can effect the finished design. Custom colors (such as athletic teams/jerseys) have been commissioned, but most of the colors are pre-chosen based on harmonious and intuitive color schemes– drawing inspiration from nature, outer space, and standard color theory as established in the study of visual art.

Assembly was simple with just a few cords to attach. 1 as power source to box; plugged that 3ft cord into the 110 circuit and we were ready to fire up the e-nail.  Another chord from the box to the glass bowl (3ft long also) and we were dabbing in 5 minutes or less. The entire kit works well and super efficiently.The digital dial is simple to use and read; like most other e-nails the temperature can be turned up or down in the quickness with a touch of a button.  The heating coil and the element work great and fits on the glass bowl perfectly. The provided bowl (female 14mm) fit nicely over Mr. Enos’s rig or glass piece (14mm male stem)

Each e-nail controller comes equipped with an electrical fuse for personal safety, as well as a 1-year warranty. It is the most compact digital unit on the market today, wasting no space or material in the design. The heating coil is not proprietary, and uses a standard pin configuration that is shared with many other e-nail companies. All electrical components are well fastened or drilled into place, and are built-to-last. Customer support is US-based (Portland, Oregon).

Rcctools owner Connor has been designing, painting, and assembling “hydro-dipped” e-nails since early 2015, when it started out as a basic analog box without digital controls– using just a rotary knob to control temperature. A year later, after many YouTube videos, forum visits, and poorly-written foreign-translated datasheets, the current e-nail controller was finally realized.

The controllers are typically painted using inspiration from nature/outer space and “color theory” picked up in art classes, but I also have commissioned custom colors that embody the client’s favorite sports jerseys, such as the Ravens (purple, black, & white), Saints (gold and black), Blazers (black and red), and the Seahawks (green and blue). I charge $10 for custom colors to account for extra materials used and possible “failed” attempts. That being said, I love the challenge and would love to help create the perfect controller for you, or someone special! I have also stenciled very simple logos to accompany the custom colors (such as the Saints logo on the previously mentioned controller).

This kit is perfect for concentrates at any heat level to taste and burn the way you prefer. From 400-over 700 degrees fahrenheit. You will get that quality hit you’re looking for time and time again with no torches or other tools needed. Super simple to use time and time again.

It’s small enough to pack up with you and take anywhere as long as you have a electrical source.  We suppose the only issue with RCCtools e-nail is that it might be TOO EASY to take too many dabs! In jut a few minutes Enos and the rest of us were a few rounds in and forgetful on what else the day needed us to accomplish…