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Some of us here at the Daily Leaf team are suspicious of edibles. Dosing can be difficult to gauge precisely, and by the time you know whether you’ve eaten enough, it may well be too late to eat any more. So when the Daily Leaf head honchos put a jar of cannabis sugar on our desk, we were skeptical. We were even more skeptical after our first try: we gingerly stirred a teaspoons worth of the stuff into our coffee and didn’t feel much of an effect. We decided the product wasn’t worth writing about. And then, just as we were giving up on it, one of our team members said: “I mean, we might as well eat it all and see if anything happens.” And so, you friendly Daily Leaf reporter dumped all the fast acting THC sweetener we had – perhaps five teaspoons’ worth – into 12 ounces of coffee.

It worked.

The product, a variety of THC and CBD infused sweeteners, drink mixes, syrups, and beverages created by Relevant Innovations, a collaboration between Ron Silver, award-winning chef at Bubby’s Pies, a New York institution, and Eli Bilton, of Oregon’s own Attis Trading Company.

We need to get a couple of things out of the way here:

First of all, you probably don’t want to try the five teaspoon dose. We consume a pretty substantial quantity of THC, and found ourselves more or less underwater, mentally speaking, for the next six hours. For novices, one teaspoon will get you blasted. For experienced users, three is probably enough to get a nice little buzz on. Five is overkill.

And, secondly, that’s a good thing. Because our coffee was way, way too sweet.

But the basic proof of concept is sound. Relevant Innovations has created a line of fast-acting THC and CBD products that come in precisely measured doses. What’s more, they hit much faster than typical edibles. The company claims that onset can be felt in 15 to 30 minutes. In our case, it took about 45 minutes. Not quite what they advertized, but a significant improvement over the 90 minutes or more that mom’s weed brownies used to take.
Not only will we keep an eye out for the Relevant Innovations’ line, but we’ll come back with more on this story if we’re able to uncover some of the science behind how these fast acting edibles work.