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This is the second volume of The Tribute To Terpenes cognitive and analytical test study being conducted by Green Leaf Labs and The Daily Leaf.  For those who did not get a chance to read through the first testing, you can find it here. Our collaboration unites the subjective blind “testing” of cannabis combined with scientific analysis.

For this induction into the Tribute To Terpenes, we have enlisted the help of a couple local companies to conduct blind taste tests with us. Critique for this analysis has come from:

My Urban Greenhouse – Makers of the All-In-One Turnkey Grow System. The easiest and simplest way to grow your 4 legal plants in the state of Oregon.

Fore Twenty Sports – The Fore Twenty Golf Tournament is now in its second year, and will host their last tournament of the season on September 26th.  CannaBiz professionals test their skills on the golf course and compete for dominance…and a cool trophy!

High End Market Place – Vancouver’s premium Dispensary


The subjective “test” categories to be judged upon will be the following:

1) Aroma: Enjoyment of smell, “dankness”, smell without squeezing flower, and smell after squeezing flower, overall aroma high and low notes.

2) Taste: Flavor in relation to smell, inhale flavor, exhale flavor, aftertaste, high notes, low notes.

3) Cure: Smoke-ability of the strain, smoothness, overall quality of cure job.

4) Appearance: Trim job, crystallization.

Each category will be weighed equally. The grading scale will be 0-10, with 10 being the highest. All four categories will be added together for the overall results. After judging is complete, The Daily Leaf will notify Green Leaf Lab of the samples that had the highest markings and the most interesting terpene profiles. Green Leaf Lab will release the test results, including customer name, strain name, terpene analysis and cannabinoid profile.

This next chapter in our Terpene tests featured 24 samples.  We have narrowed down those samples to the TOP 10. Please note that we hope to include photos of every flower that is tested in Volume 3.

  1. Purple Punch by High Tide Wellness Center. 38 out of 40
  2. Cherry Vanilla Skunk by JAG.  37 out of 40
  3. Sour Diesel by Cafe Verde. 32 out of 40
  4. Bruce Banner #3 by Ridge Runner Farms. 31 out of 40
  5. Grape Inferno by Boring Weed. 31 out of 40
  6. Cherry Pie by Little Farma LLC. 31 out of 40
  7. Strawberry Diesel by Cafe Verde. 30 out of 40
  8. Alien Orange by Kaya Farms. 30 out of 40
  9. Dharma Berry Diesel by Adam Senf. 30 out of 40
  10. Blue Dream by Family Farms. 29 out of 40

1 Purple Punch by High Tide Wellness Center.

Blind Cognitive Test: 38 out of 40.

Aroma: 9, Taste: 10, Cure: 10, Appearance: 9

Terpene Analysis: Great smell with a little fruity overtone to it.  My Urban Greenhouse’s founder Steve took a few hits and thought it was one of the best tasting buds he has had in years.  On inhale, it was incredibly smooth. With an excellent cure, and incredible crystallization, its no secret why this is number 1 this week.

1. Purple Punch


2. Cherry Vanilla Skunk by JAG

Blind Cognitive Test: 37 out of 40

Aroma: 9, Taste: 9, Cure: 10, Appearance: 9

Terpene Analysis: When first taking this bud out you can tell it has a certain stank to it.  It was crystalized to the max with orange hairs poking out here and there. One of the budtenders from High End Market Place noted that the immediate smell was of a berry explosion, and when looking at there being over 5mg of limonene you can see its going to pack a little bit of a punch to the nose.

2. Cherry Vanilla Skunk


3. Tangieland by Ridge Runner Farms

Blind Cognitive Test: 36 out of 40

Aroma: 8, Taste: 9, Cure: 10, Appearance:9

Terpene Analysis: A good way to analyze if there are any quick acting healing properties of a strain is to really be cognizant of your body, and what pains you might be going through. When testing this Tangieland, one of our testers was slightly queasy with stomach pains.  A few hits of a joint of this and all of that was forgotten.  With higher than normal levels of Humulene and Caryophyllene, it could be justified that those trigger the body to create a defense to your bodily ailments

3. Tangieland by Ridge Runner Farms


4. Sour Diesel by Cafe Verde

Blind Cognitive Test: 32 out of 40

Aroma: 8, Taste: 7, Cure: 8, Appearance:9

Terpene Analysis: This strain was uplifting and appeared to be beautiful.  It was a tight bright green bud, that after looking over the results featured over 18mg of terpenes. This pheno was oozing with flavor and effect.  

3. Sour Diesel


5. Bruce Banner #3 by Ridge Runner Farms

Blind Cognitive Test: 31 out of 40

Aroma: 9, Taste: 8, Cure: 7, Appearance:7

Terpene Analysis: The taste on this flower really stood out.  When smoking a joint, the flavor was flower lated the entire length. 

4. Bruce Banner #3


6. Grape Inferno by Boring Weed

Blind Cognitive Test: 31 out of 40.

Aroma: 8, Taste: 7, Cure: 7, Appearance:7

Terpene Analysis: Stoney flower.  This Grape Inferno created an alert outlook to the beginning of one of our testers days.  Overall a great flower that gave a creative edge. 

5. Grape Inferno


7. Cherry Pie by Little Farma LLC

Blind Cognitive Test: 31 out of 40.

Aroma: 8, Taste: 7, Cure: 8, Appearance:8

Terpene Analysis: Cherry Pie is a nice heavy hitting strain that has more of an indica feel to it than an uplifting sativa.  After a long day on the road, one of our testers took this flower and was immediately at ease. Feeling relaxed and complete, this strain was one of the top flowers that this individual tester had tried.  

6. Cherry Pie


8. Strawberry Diesel by Cafe Verde

Blind Cognitive Test: 30 out of 40.

Aroma: 8, Taste: 7, Cure: 7, Appearance:8

Terpene Analysis: Upon breaking this bud open and then grinding it up, it filled the room with an aroma that you would want to just dive into.  Present in this strain is an interesting terpene profile with hints of geraniol, ocimene, and guaiol.  There is no doubt that with all those various terpenes you are getting a burst of flavors and undertones.  

7. Strawberry Disel

9. Alien Orange by Kaya Farms

Blind Cognitive Test: 30 out of 40.

Aroma: 7, Taste: 8, Cure: 8, Appearance:7

Terpene Analysis: This strain, like the previous, was bursting with flavor.  It had solid bag appeal, so was indeed a looker.  When picking it up to analyze, one of our sample testers Branden Cassens, of My Urban Greenhouse, noticed the tangerine like scent that produced a pleasant first appeal.  It had a great cure, with a smooth burn.

9. Alien Orange by Kaya Farms


10. Dharma Berry Diesel by Adem Senf

Blind Cognitive Test: 30 out of 40.

Aroma: 7 Taste: 6 Cure: 9, Appearance:8

Terpene Analysis: After a long day out on the green, founder of Fore Twenty Sports Matt Enos is always looking for a clean heady flower to ease into the night.  He happened to stumble upon this Dharma Berry Diesel and thought it was perfect for his day and mood. It did have a slight earthy tone to it, producing not the best taste, but the overall effect on the body and mind was where it was at.  

10. dharma


Thank you to everyone who submitted flower for volume 2 of The Tribute To Terpenes.  If you are interested in learning more or figuring out how to submit your samples, please email us at

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