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Trellis Farms is an OLCC licensed recreational cannabis producer based in Southern Oregon. Utilizing completely natural processes and eco-friendly water techniques, Trellis Farms produces pesticide free strains that give cannabis users an amplified amount of cannabis related effects and a refined cannabis experience. Every strain curated by Trellis Farms is a model for top shelf status because of their unique features and enticing terpene profiles. With a new crop of choice sun grown strains, Trellis Farms continues to source and grow premier cannabis for both medical and recreational users in the Oregon cannabis market.

Purple Punch is a sweet and savory sedating indica-dominant hybrid, which creates a mellow mood and tranquil smoking experience for all consumers. As an up and coming popular strain on the West Coast, the now classic cross of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG will have night owls, late night smokers, and Indica lovers interests peaked and their flavor cravings fulfilled. In addition to the hallucinatory fragrance of Welch’s grape soda and grape flavored Tootsie Pops, users will be ultimately wooed by the beautiful trichome sprinkled buds of the Purple Punch from Trellis Farms. Both potent in full bodied effects and THC content, this reputable strain will keep customers coming back for more.

Trellis Farms fresh batch of Purple Punch produces the brilliant pairing of head and body effects that both recreational smokers medical patients can appreciate. Purple Punch induces a cerebrally stimulating high straight away and eases into a slow body melt down the limbs that unwinds the body. Lightweight users or daytime smokers should brace themselves, Trellis Farms

Purple Punch is such a deliciously appetizing strain that it’s easy to overdo it in the earlier hours of the evening. Get ready for a couchlocked night with a side of the munchies, Purple Punch is definitely better suited for an after dinner smoke or right before a late night movie. Purple Punch is known for its relaxing qualities and can help with sleep, nausea or inducing appetite, headaches, and stress relief.