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Trellis Farms is adding a variety of carefully curated top shelf strains to the Oregon cannabis market that will spark the interests of all sorts of cannabis users. Blueberry Iced Cream #5 is a rare high quality strain that’s fairly new to the dispensary shelves. While the cross is unknown, Blueberry Iced Cream #5 from Trellis Farms is a well balanced hybrid that’s great for morning and daytime medicinal and recreational use.

As many can rightfully assume, Blueberry Iced Cream #5 has a fantastic funk. Like a hot stack of blueberry pancakes doused in vanilla maple syrup, a delectable strain such as this will have users hooked in no time. Fairly distinctive from other blueberry aromas and flavors, Blueberry Iced Cream #5 has notes of the tartness of ripe blueberries and the soft velvety vanilla bean ice cream aftertaste that follows on exhale. As soon as the flame hits the Blueberry Iced Cream, it starts delivering its dynamic effects. While it has a lofty THC content of over 26%, this powerhouse delivers a generous amount of full bodied effects.

Blueberry Iced Cream has a high that totes a quick build up of exhilaration in the center of the chest and spreads throughout the limbs. This mood booster of a strain will keep users motivated and energized, while producing relaxing sensations from the torso down. Following the mild head high, consumers will also feel an ease in muscle tension. The even Sativa and Indica effects of this strain aren’t overwhelming on either side. Instead, the gentle chill buzz is a nice blend of mind and body high. While this strain hits hard, it does keep users stuck couch locked for the night, unless one too many joints are smoked. There’s no doubt that happy Blueberry Iced Cream will soon be one of the top choices for recreational marijuana users.