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Trellis Farms has been cultivating over 25 uncommon and exclusively rarified sun-grown strains since 2015. The 2020 Winter line up presented by Trellis includes an array of keenly curated cultivars, strain-specific concentrates, and live resin sauce cartridges. Stopping by Doctor’s Order’s in Portland, we were able to take a gander at the goods and stock up to get a complete picture of what Trellis Farms select strain menu for the winter season.

Setting flame to some of this fire flower was a fine example of what is being brought to the table; terpenes are plentiful and each strain more than provides a diversified experience. From one of their chief cultivars, Pink Nebula, to more traditional roots of a strain like Bubba Haze; this rich selection will surely rank among the most sought after cannabis cultivar collections. Even a scarcely seen strain such as Sunshine Daydream and the extraordinary Eleven Roses carry and exhibit dignified terpene profiles and associated effects that make all smoking sessions and experiences essentially peerless.

The scents and the stunning effects of these strain-specific single-source fresh frozen lives resin sauces and cartridges are as close as many will get to what it’s like smoking or vaporizing actual flower in cartridge form. It’s easy to cater to all sorts of consumers by serving up the sauce and dousing dabbers with concentrates in their classic style, all the while delivering dabs on the go with their cartridges that display terpene profiles that match up to the actual cultivated flower we mentioned before. The Pink Nebula live resin sauce cart really tastes identical to the flower! There are plenty of other strains in flower, concentrates, and cartridges that will be rolling out later this year and some strains that are exclusively available at certain Oregon storefronts like McPurple Peak, Blueberry Iced Cream #2, Soulmate, El Alquimista, and Spicy Goji!

Photos Courtesy of Trellis Farms