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Botanic eLiquids Inc. is the marketing and production company behind the brand located right here in Portland.. They create and distribute botanical extract formulations that are specifically created and designed for contemporary new age personal vaporizers.

With a combination of certified organic Vegetable Glycerin and professionally hand picked and crafted whole-plant extracts. Titrate’s Shatter E-Liquids are made from certified organic herbs, spices, flowers, barks, and roots. The new E-Cig alternative for the classiest of stoners. Whether you’re looking for vitality, relaxation, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, or a little bit of clarity, Titrate’s Shatter E-liquids have your back all throughout the day.

Botanic eLiquids Inc. works with Great Botanics Ltd. of Dunedin, New Zealand who primary focus is on extensive research and development with botanic strains that are traditionally regarded around the world as highly beneficial for general human use. They use precise, proprietary processes to extract, formulate, blend and stabilize unique E-Liquids composed of certified organic ingredients.

The Botanic eLiquids team has independently developed the holistic field of botanic eLiquids made precisely for the wellness and cannabis industry. They are top specialists to leading brands in the international personal vaporization technology industry. Along with their Holi Smokes line of 15 synergistic botanic formulas, Botanic eLiquids brings a wide range of vaporization products to market, including most recently the world’s first KavaKava eLiquid line.

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