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No Smoking in Public

Yes, Buying Marijuana in Oregon is legal. No, that does not mean you can light up in the middle of the street or wherever you please. Consumption is only allowed out of the public view, whether that be a friend’s house or your backyard.

Where will the New Tax Money Go?

Most of us are probably wondering where all that tax money will go? Measure 91, the ballot measure passed last year that legalized marijuana in Oregon, determined that the tax revenue collected from recreational sales will be divided up in the following ways:

40 percent will go to the Common School Fund, 20 percent to Mental Health Alcoholism and Drug Services, 15 percent goes to the Oregon State Police, 10 percent for Counties for enforcement of the measure, 10 percent will go to Cities for enforcement of the measure, and 5 percent to the Oregon Health Authority for drug abuse prevention.

Where You Can Buy Marijuana

Already licensed medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to sell recreationally beginning on October 1, although not every dispensary has chosen to go recreational and will sell recreationally.

Not Everywhere

Now that marijuana is finally legal for recreational sale and use in the state of Oregon, some individual communities have passed laws banning recreational marijuana facilities from opening. Consumption will still be legal in these areas, but sales will not.

What to Do at a Dispensary

If it’s your first time at a dispensary, not to worry.  Just ask your budtender all the questions that come to mind when you’re purchasing marijuana.

Bring Cash

While some dispensaries do accept credit card, most do not, and sometimes provide an ATM for you to make a cash withdrawal. Make sure to bring some cash if you plan to purchase cannabis at a local dispensary.


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