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CORVALLIS, Ore.  — Over $1 million worth of marijuana and marijuana extract was stolen from Oregon Genetics during the night on Tuesday in Benton County.

The founder and CEO of the Oregon Genetics, Caleb Mata says the weed bandits made off with around 10 pounds of hash oil which was ready to be sold in stores, along with $1,000 worth of cannabis flower.

“Taking anything from someone is wrong, but $1 million — no matter which way you cut it is a lot of money to anyone,” the owner said.

Mata told KOIN 6 News that the suspected thieves were captured on surveillance video and that the video evidence appears to show two people, one who is much shorter than the other. The video, which Mata posted to Instagram, has been viewed around 12,000 times. Mata and authorities hope someone can help identify the pot snatchers.

“They got away with a bunch of these black and yellow totes too, full of weed,” Mata told reporters.

The footage appears to show that the criminals spent about 15 minutes in the warehouse, but the real score came from the hour or two they spent burglarizing the property’s 6 acres, where they amassed the bulk of their stolen goods. “Really the main thing is the more humans that we have with their eyes on the ground looking for this… its a million dollars worth of product …the amount of mass is could fill this room,” Mata said.

Apparently, a sheriff’s deputy responded while the crime was in progress, but due to the size of the property, did not manage to see the thieves hauling out large containers of product. Mata was baffled how the deputy could have missed the activity.

“That’s the worst part about it,” Mata said. “They were literally carrying totes of weed out in the open with a cop here. It’s weird to think a cop could have been here and respond at the same time the burglars were here.”

Other break-ins have been reported in recent months, says Mata, and the same suspects could be to blame.

The company is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those involved and he hopes the video, as well as the high quality of his cannabis extract oil, will be the keys to bringing the thieves to justice.

“There’s no one else that makes oil this clear, so it would be obvious if you saw it,” Mata said.

Source: KOIN 6