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Sometimes, we’ve just got more weed news to share than we’re able to in a week. Sometimes, we find interesting marijuana tidbits that are worth sharing, but don’t merit a full post. That’s why, today, we’re introducing a new Daily Leaf feature. From now on, every Friday, we’ll bring you The Weed In Review, a brief round-up with links to some of the week’s most notable cannabis stories.


British Columbia’s Early Snowboarding Scene Was Built on the Back of Marijuana Profits

We don’t actually care that much about snowboarding, so we wouldn’t normally read this Transworld article, but the story – told by people who were there at the time – document a snowboarding scene that never would have been without tolerant local law enforcement and fat profit margins on cannabis smuggling.


Free Joints in DC for Inauguration Day

Pro marijuana advocates in DC will be handing out free joints – which is legal in the District – on inauguration day. The giveaway, reported in USA Today, is part of a move to push lawmakers to reschedule marijuana at the federal level.


One Hundred Ninety Two Marijuana Convictions Pardoned in Vermont

The New York Times reports that the Governor of Vermont has pardoned 192 individuals with misdemeanor marijuana convictions. Reportedly, the Governor – who supports recreational legalization in the state – pardoned all applicants that met the criteria of having no violent criminal record and no driving while impaired charges associated with the marijuana conviction.


Colorado Cities and Counties in Legal Battle Over Marijuana Taxation
The Denver Post reports that Adams County, in Colorado has been sued by several cities in the state that challenge the legal basis for the county to collect marijuana taxes. The case, now on its third round of appeals, will be heard by the Colorado Supreme Court, the apex court in the matter.