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As the nation‘s leading cannabis industry consultancy, Denver Consulting Group, revealed a new Marijuana Industry Training Schedule, with some classes expected to start April 28, 2016.

The Marijuana Industry Orientation course is set to outline the fundamental components in cannabis, including cultivation, processing and dispensing. A focal point of the course will be dedicated to state specific regulations, so classes in Denver will summarize Colorado regulations, and classes in Portland will examine Oregon rules. Each class will also provide a complete national overview to supply an all around curriculum, relevant to all legal marijuana states.

The extensive training session offers a thorough look at the thriving marijuana market, and will best benefits for anyone in search of trying get some skin in the game within the cannabis industry.

Jay Griffin, the Co-Founder of DCG will head the training sessions in Colorado. Griffin is viewed as one of the cannabis industry‘s premier educators. He is also Co-Founder of Dank – one of Denver’s highest rated marijuana dispensaries.

Justin Jones will lead the training sessions in Portland. Jones is also a Co-Founder of DCG and Dank Dispensary, and is a well-known and widely respected pillar in the industry.

DCG provides a variety of services, including license application support, staff training, SOP Manuals, facility design and build-out, cultivation optimization, seed-to-sale system implementation, Metrc training, and onsite consultations. DCG also helps marijuana businesses get settled, stay within regulations, and flourish.

DCG helps clients build dominant brands, advance operations and improve profitability, while assuring regulatory compliance.
For information on DCG, or to sign up for the Colorado Training Sessions, call 720-890-7344, or

To reach DCG’s Northwest Office – serving Washington and Oregon, or to sign up for the Oregon Training Sessions, call: 503-862-3030.

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