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Lift Innovations designs and manufactures premium smoking accessories for recreational and medicinal cannabis users. Jesse Marr, the founder of Lift Innovations, was tired of having to constantly replace cheap inefficient grinders due to breakage. He takes pride in products he uses everyday. Finding a grinder that doesn’t break over time and is cost effective can be tedious.

Most of the grinders currently on the market have yet to change the overall design and function, which can limit people that don’t have the greatest of arm strength or mobility. Virtually all of these grinders are hard to clean, especially for many of the people who smoke marijuana or recreationally use on a daily basis. Conventional grinders allow resin and material to build up over time, which eventually tends to cause them to seize up and break.

Marr wanted a grinder that actually worked the way it was intended, but also wanted a grinder that was extremely stylish and stood out in the market compared to the rest. After a year of working with an amazing team of ultra passionate product developers, The Clipper was built and finally ready to hit the industry full force.

The Clipper is unlike any other grinder, it uses a rotating, stainless steel blade that cuts your herbs, instead of mulching the fine material into tight spaces. Even cooler, it cuts 12 times in one rotation. Now cutting is effortless because only one blade cuts at a time. joined with the quarter-turn threads, The Clipper is perfect for people with limited strength.  The Clipper even comes with a rounded kief catcher and a matching kief removal scraper!

Looking for more information on The Clipper and how to get your hands on one? Want to hear more from Jesse Marr and what the world’s most innovative grinder can do for you? Click on the link below!

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