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There are so many different kinds of rolling papers on the market today it’s almost impossible to choose which papers that are the best rolling papers – from the classic Zig-Zags to 24 karat gold papers like Shine Papers, it can be a tedious task to pick the best pack of papers. Honestly, there aren’t any papers that are currently ranked the ‘best’, it all comes down to the personal preference of each smoker. Below, is a brief breakdown of the main types of paper materials in order to help you pinpoint the paper that meets your rolling and smoking preferences and needs.

Wood Pulp

The first rolling papers were likely made using wood pulp, it’s actually the same material as printer paper and cigarettes. They are believed to be the easiest papers to roll and definitely the most common, you can find them just about anywhere. They stay lit the whole way through and always maintain a decent burn rate. On the flipside, they taste horrible (i.e. most noticeable taste). This basically means they produce the most ash, they burn less cleanly and can potentially contaminate your cannabis. They are definitely the lowest quality papers as far as the environment and your personal health go. You can find wood pulp papers of all kinds of varieties of thicknesses and flavors.


Hemp papers are generally made from 100% hemp fiber and most of them are unbleached. Hemp papers can be found in a variety of thicknesses, but as a general rule is that they have a thicker and have more of a textured feel or finish than rice papers. The textured feel of hemp papers makes for good grip and makes for fairly easy rolling. Hemp stays lit better than rice paper and adds a mild, pleasant, taste some may describe as sweet or musky. An added bonus is that hemp rolling papers are the most environmentally conscious option.


Rice paper is made with processed rice and sometimes includes other additives like sugar or flax. Rice is by far the thinnest of the paper types mentioned and touched on earlier. This results in the least noticeable taste and gives smokers the slowest burn.  The thin, smooth texture of rice papers can make them more of a challenge to roll, but the in the end a slow burning paper with little to no taste may be an upside depending on the person smoking. On the other hand, it may go out if not constantly smoked.

Points to take away

  • Beginners should practice their rolling skills with a thicker paper
  • Hemp is the happy medium: a healthier smoke with slow burn
  • Experienced rollers and smokers can improve their precision with rice papers
  • For a better flavor profile steer clear of wood pulp


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