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The Balmb Cannabis Body Care topical products are truly relief in a jar. The Balmb Cannabis Body Care CBD topical line has something for everyone to help conquer any distress or tension the body may be experiencing. Put the pain on pause and say sayonara to stiff joints and swollen muscles. If you’re an athlete prone to injury, suffering from chronic pain, or looking to manage aches and soreness, The Balmb CBD topicals deliver fast acting alleviation for all.

With a combination of 11 essential oils, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and CO2, the healing potential of The Balmb Cannabis Body Care full spectrum CBD Lavender Salve and full spectrum Hemp CBD Roll-on assist in relieving inflammation when joints flare up and crush any cramps, spasms, or strains. Lemongrass, frankincense, sage, and comfrey are just a few of the ingredients that produce a calming effects and aromatherapeutic benefits. With no greasy or viscous residue or remains, The Balmb Cannabis Body Care topical products are excellent for medicinal massages. Also great for cuts, scrapes, burns, and psoriasis, The Balmb takes discomfort and makes it dissipate within minutes.

The Balmb Roll-on is a 1oz bottle packed with 200mg of CBD and the CBD salve comes in a 0.5oz jar containing 20mg, making them both a discreet piece of relief that can be carried conveniently so it’s always at your disposal. Awarded with the Dope Cup Oregon´s Runner Up for Best Topical in the recreational category in 2016, The Balmb Cannabis Body Care CBD Salve will aid users in taking control of their pain, while rejuvenating and relaxing the whole body. For those who are hands on with their work, riddled with painful conditions, or need to release tenseness and fatigue, The Balmb is meant for anyone looking for a remedy or ease.

The Balmb Cannabis Body Care products and deals can be found at local dispensaries here on The Daily Leaf website and app.

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