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If there’s one side effect of smoking marijuana that even your conservative great uncle from Wichita knows about, it’s probably the munchies. From countless Cheech and Chong gags to Half Baked’s munchie run that killed a horse, burning that fuego has long been associated with the indiscriminate consumption of whatever snack food is at hand. In fact, your trusty Daily Leaf correspondent once, back when he was in high school, had to reassure his mother that his best friend wasn’t high all the time, he just really really liked to eat untoasted slices of plain bread. Unexplained eating, it seems, is enough to raise suspicion in some quarters.

Given this indelible link in the public imagination between marijuana and Benihana, some might be surprised to learn that some compounds contained within cannabis may actually have the opposite effect. Specifically, THCV seems to have powerful suppressant effects.

THCV may have a wealth of beneficial properties. The compound is more strongly psychoactive than THC and, when combined with THC, potentiates its effects, making them come on sooner. With a shorter half life, however, a THCV heavy high will also come down faster. But despite a number of potential medical applications – the substance has shown promise for the treatment of panic attacks – commercial development seems to be focused on its appetite suppressing properties.

Until now, relatively little research seems to have been done, as THCV is present in very small quantities in most marijuana. According to Forbes, a company called Teewinot Life Sciences is now producing the compound in a lab setting, which should open up the market for additional research.

For those looking to suppress their appetite or treat panic attacks, the strains Pineapple Purps and Doug’s Varin are reputed to be very high in THCV. Sadly, Leafly tells us they’re not available in Portland. But when it comes to common strains, Durban Poison is your best bet for THCV.

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