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Well designed shops coming to a neighborhood near you

Tetra cannabis recently opened up on SE Belmont so we stopped in to chat with the budtenders and take a look at the shop. Beyond the custom metal and glass shelves, the wood interior and homey neighborhood feeling. The first thing we noticed was the design shop sharing an address with the dispensary. Then it started to seep in why this place had such well-designed menus and flower descriptions. For as much as we treasure cannabis for its aesthetics, some shops are still hanging black light posters. While others are taking the look and design of our experience into account.

The budtenders walked us through one of the most varied menus in Portland. Nearly each strain from a different farm, the variety here feels like reading the whole menu at a restaurant and declaring that you’ll have one of everything. Great to see them walk that fine line of having a ton of variety without reaching overwhelming levels. I think folks in the neighborhood are going to love figuring out the profiles they like and declaring that they’d like a creative, focused, citrus strain. Because there’s a good chance that they’ll have something with that profile in stock.

Speaking of neighborhood, SE Belmont is one of those spoiled little pockets of Portland where killer food carts and great neighborhood everything shops still exist. Tetra fits right in. Offering up familiar faces every time you come through the door and a little something for everyone. Those sort of face to face interactions are exactly what you look for in a spot that you frequent. Whether you’re a regular or just stopping by because you had to try the insane latte’s at nearby NEVER coffee. It’s worth popping your head in, introducing yourself and getting a nice long look at those well-designed menus.

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