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Tasty’s Edibles is in the business of creating potent edibles that are made simply but after sampling a few of their baked goods, it was clear that the only thing lacking when it comes to simplicity is in the flavor department. The name more than says it all! Tasty’s offers contemporarily dosed state-of-the-art cookies that now come in 4 flavors that will surely satisfy everyone’s crazy cookie cravings.

Tasty’s originally released three flavors with a substantial spin on the quintessential THC-infused edible that includes a powerhouse potency of 50mg per treat. The newest addition to the Tasty’s confection lineup is their 1:1 chocolate crinkle cookie, which has a heavy handed dose of 50mg THC + 50mg CBD. The new Tasty’s chocolate crinkle cookie is also infused and enhanced with high grade distillate and sunflower lecithin so you get more out of your high at a faster rate.

Photo Courtesy of Tasty’s Edibles

Tasty Edibles’ classic chocolate chip cookies are crafted with vanilla pudding mix, making them beyond soft, airy, and one of the most scrumptious cannabis chocolate chip cookies to hit the infused edibles market. There’s nothing like a creamy, silky peanut butter cookie. Made with tons of peanut oil, guaranteeing more access to cannabinoids and more absorption. With the extra little sprinkle of salt, this cookie has a sweet and savory seasoning in each and every bite. Snickerdoodles are at the top of our cookie list and Tasty’s kept to their motto of keeping it simple with the dash or two of cinnamon and made more than a sheer sugar cookie. Some might not expect a stellar flavor profile but best believe each nibble down to the last is as scrumptious as the first.

Last but not least is the ultra balanced THC/CBD 1:1 Chocolate Crinkle cookie. Tasty’s wanted to do their best to cater to the CBD lovers too! Rumor has it that the Tasty Edible’s crew was in the process of experimenting how to craft the perfect brownie. In turn, the end result is their breathtakingly decadent crinkle cookies aka a brownie cookie. Full on fudge meets a slightly crisp cookie exterior and is dusted in a powdered sugar finish. Infused with 50mg THC and 50mg CBD, the chocolate crinkle is sure exceed all your wafer wonders while soothing sore muscles, taking the edge off, or help relax tension during both the day or night; its ensured you’ll be feeling the CBD synergy.

When it comes to Tasty’s, these aren’t your average cookies, these bite-sized morsels are designed to be devoured or if you’re more of a micro-doser there’s an easy way to dose up without overdoing it. Tucked into the packaging of a singular high CBD cannabis cookie you’ll find a serving guide that demonstrates how to properly divide your cookie into a total of 10 servings. Even if you’re not a Cookie Monster or a sweets fiend, all the Tasty products are almost sugar free so you don’t have to feel remorseful about your guilty pleasures, well at least not these ones. With Tasty’s you’re just one bite away from happiness.