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The Nano Vape Pen by RĒL Vape

RĒL Vape is an industry leader in vaporizer innovation and nanotechnology. Producer of Oregon’s only line of disposable rechargeable vapes and cartridges, RĒL Vape pens are both dependable and deliver in all areas. RĒL Vape’s latest modernized vaporizer design introduces an all-in-1 style that can be recharged, so users can make sure they get the […]

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GreenBuds Vaporizer Review

GreenBuds has an outstanding collection of vaporizers and accessories. We took it upon ourselves to test some of them out and do a little write up on each product. Specifically developed for the devoted outdoor enthusiast, the Weekender Edition of the Vapium is for the adventurers! We don’t say that just because it comes with […]

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Mark Farina Vaped Out Album Release Party

Last month we teamed up with Eco Firma Farms and Refuge to bring a cannabis experience to Mark Farina’s album release party.  Instead of booze, party goers where able to experience one of Eco Firma Farms 48 different strains through Herbalizer Vaporizers.  From curious Mark Farina enthusiasts, to well groomed cannabis connoisseurs, Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge Josh […]

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