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ORourke and Yang Bond Over Replacing Opioids with Cannabis

Democratic candidates for President Beto O’Rourke spoke out in favor of decriminalizing opioids in order to combat the country’s drug epidemic on Tuesday, marking the first time the issue of removing criminal penalties for possession of illicit substances beyond marijuana has been seriously discussed on a presidential debate stage. During the 2020 primary debate in […]

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Will Cannabis Legalization Be a Major Focus on the 2020 Election

Growing support for legalizing marijuana among Democratic presidential candidates may help them pick up some moderate voters in the 2020 election while also cementing the support of hard-line conservatives for President Trump. The emphasis is on the word “may.” While the Democratic slate represents the most pro-cannabis field to set its sights on the White […]

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Cannabis Users Lack Moral Character According to Homeland Security

A federal immigration agency said recently that using marijuana or engaging in cannabis-related “activities” such as working for a dispensary—even in states where it’s legal—is an immoral offense and considered a lack of moral character making immigrants ineligible for citizenship. When applying for naturalization, the process of gaining citizenship, individuals must have established “good moral […]

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