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Congressman Brings Personal CBD Products to Educate on Hemp, THC

A Republican congressman showcased two CBD products he personally uses at a congressional hearing last week, to demonstrate the differences between hemp and marijuana, in order to inform lawmakers about the “vaping epidemic”. During a House Oversight Committee meeting on the recent spike in vaping-related injuries, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) said he wanted to spend […]

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DEA Takes Steps to Ramp Up Cannabis Research

WASHINGTON – The Drug Enforcement Administration today announced that it is moving forward to facilitate and expand scientific and medical research for marijuana in the United States. The DEA is providing notice of pending applications from entities applying to be registered to manufacture marijuana for researchers. DEA anticipates that registering additional qualified marijuana growers will […]

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World Health Organization Favors Rescheduling Cannabis

The World Health Organization Expert Committee on Drug Dependence’s (ECDD) cannabis recommendations has released a new report, which had been expected in December, saying it believes cannabis and its extracts should be rescheduled to a less restrictive category. The CND (United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs) had been expected to consider rescheduling cannabis in March 2019 at its […]

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Kansas Legalizes CBD

Cannabis reform is coming to Kansas, but there won’t be any dispensaries or grow houses opening up in Topeka or Wichita. Instead of a restrictive medical marijuana program or all-out legalization, Kansas has legalized non-psychoactive, hemp-derived CBD products for adult-use across the Sunflower State. According to local public radio station KMUW, Kansas governor Jeff Colyer signed a […]

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Cannabis Edibles and Microdosing

With the cannabis industry booming, more and more people are just beginning to understand the many various means of consumption and how each will affect them. Cannabis edibles are only growing in popularity, and they have come a long way from baking shake brownies in the kitchen. Dispensaries offer so many types of cannabis edible, […]

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Buying CBD Online? You May Be Getting Ripped Off

Buying CBD Online? Cannabidiol is a major component of marijuana, and is gaining popularity for its medicinal qualities nationwide.  But a study published on Tuesday reports that people trying to treat themselves with cannabidiol products that were purchased online may not be getting what they’re paying for. The study is led by the University of Pennsylvania, which purchased […]

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